Denver, CO: Elitch Theatre

Country: United States of America
State: Colorado
City: Denver
Location: 4655 W 38th Avenue / West 37th Place / Elitch Theatre Plaza

Opened 1891 as a summer theatre within "Elitch's Zoological Gardens". From 1896 also used as a cinema. Closed 1991. Since 2002 restorations by the Historic Elitch Gardens Theatre Foundation. Reopened 2012.

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Denver, CO: Elitch Theatre Front Text: "America's oldest summer theatre - Elitch's Playhouse - Denver, Colorado"
Reverse Text: "Interior view of America's Oldest Summer Theatre in Mile High Denver, Colorado, showing the historic curtain depicting 'Ann Hathaway's Cottage.' Stars of Broadway and Hollywood appear in dramatic stock in this illustrious theatre which has a beautiful setting amid the floral grandeur of world famous Elitch Gardens. 'Not to See Elitch's is Not to See Denver.'"
Handwritten Reverse Text: "We are not able to see a play this time. There is also a large dance floor here at the park. Eddy Howard and his orchestra are playing"
Publisher: Curteich, Chicago; 6B-H1561
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Denver to Camden NJ, 1962

Denver, CO: Elitch Theatre Front Text: "Lobby of the famous Elitch Gardens Theatre", "Denver, Colo."
Reverse Text: "The lobby of the Elitch Gardens Theatre in Denver is lined with autographed portraits of America's greatest stage stars. For nearly a quarte of a century well-known Broadway players have presented New York successes in this playhouse, the oldest stock theatre in the country. The Elitch Theatre is open only twelve weeks each year. 'Not to See Elitch's is Not to See Denver.'"
Publisher: Curteich, Chicago; 117087-N
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Not sent.

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