Columbus, OH: Majestic Theatre

Country: United States of America
State: Ohio
City: Columbus
Location: 63 S High Street

Cinema, opened 12 Jan 1914. 1012 seats. Closed 31 Dec 1949. Demolished 1950.

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Columbus OH: Majestic Theatre Front Text: "Proscenium Arch and Stage. The Majestic Theatre. Columbus, Ohio."; on stage screen: advertising for "In the Bishop's Carriage"
Publisher: Haenlein Brothers, Columbus; C. T. Photochrom
Size: Classic
Sent: from Columbus OH to Newark OH, 1914

Columbus OH: Majestic Theatre Front Text: "A Corner in the Ladies Room. The Majestic Theatre. Columbus, Ohio."
Publisher: C. T. Photograph, Chicago; R-46507
Size: Classic
Sent: from Wapakoneta OH to Botkins OH, 1911

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