Chicago, IL: Petrillo Music Shell

Country: United States of America
State: Illinois
City: Chicago
Location: Grant Park; S Coulumbus Drive / E Jackson Drive

Open-air concert venue in Grant Park, built 1931 by E. V. Buchsbaum. Opened 24 Aug 1931. 1978 renovations by C. F. Murphy Associates. Also known as "Petrillo Bandshell" or "James C. Petrillo Music Shell". Named in honour of the leader of the American Federation of Musicians, James Caesar Petrillo (1892-1984). Used as main venue of various summer music festivals. Ca. 5.000 seats, maximum capacity: ca. 35.000 persons.

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Chicago, IL: Petrillo Music Shell Reverse Text: "Chicago, Illinois. Chicago's outdoor theatre in Grant Park, provides professional entertainment throughout the summer."
Publisher: Sunburst Souvenirs; 2US IL 9
Size: Modern
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