Chicago, IL: Chicago Theatre

Country: United States of America
State: Illinois
City: Chicago
Location: 175 N State Street

Cinema, opened 26 Oct 1921 as "Balaban and Katz Chicago Theatre". 1985-1986 major restoration. 3600 seats. Now mainly used for live theatre and as a music venue.

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Chicago, IL: Chicago Theatre Front Text: "Chicago Theatre, Chicago", sign: "Chicago"
Reverse Text: "Balaban & Katz Chicago Theatre. The Wonder Theatre of the World - 5000 Seats. Highest Development of Amusement Arts Music-Motion Pictures-Stage."
Publisher: Max Rigot Selling Co., Chicago; C. T. American Art
Type: Divided back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Chicago to Hannover (Germany), 1926

Chicago, IL: Chicago Theatre Front Text: "Chicago Theatre", sign: "Chicago"
Reverse Text: "Chicago Illinois. Opened in 1921, the Chicago Theatre was the first and most beautiful of Chicago's 'Grand Movie Palaces'. Today it hosts musicians, dance companies, and theatrical troupes."
Publisher: Sunburst Souvenirs, Chicago; SS-450
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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