Cedar Falls, IA: Strayer-Wood Theatre

Country: United States of America
State: Iowa
City: Cedar Falls
Location: University of Northern Iowa

University theatre, built 1976-1978 by Richard Devin, Brown-Healy, and Bock. Named in honour of the theatre faculty members, Prof. Hazel B. Strayer (1891-1959) and Prof. Stanley G. Wood (1909-1976). 1989 repairs after a small fire. 1993 renovations and rebuilding. 1996 smaller repairs. 500 seats. Home to the "UNI Department of Theatre" and the theatre company, "Theatre UNI".

Links: theatre.uni.edu, Wikidata

Cedar Falls, IA: Strayer-Wood Theatre Front Text: "Strayer-Wood Theatre"
Reverse Text: "Strayer-Wood Theatre, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa - Strayer-Wood Theatre opened January 1978. Home of Theatre UNI and UNI Lyric Theatre productions."
Publisher: Dunlap Post Card, Omaha NE; MCG 441157
Size: Classic
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