Bristol, IN: Opera House

Country: United States of America
State: Indiana
City: Bristol
Location: 210 East Vistula Street

Built 1896-1897 by Cyrus and Horace Mosier. Opened 1897 with "U. S. S. Pinafore" by the Arion Company. At various times used as a theatre, music hall, cinema (since 1915), skating rink. By 1940, the building was so dilapidated that it could only be used as a storage site. Plans to demolish the theatre in 1960 were not carried out. Instead, the theatre was leased to the Elkhart Civic Theatre which later bought and renovated it. Re-opened July 1961.

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Bristol, IN: Bristol Opera House Reverse Text: "Bristol Opera House - located 8 miles East of Elkhart, Indiana - This Historic Opera House was built in 1897, now owned and operated by the Elkhart Civic Theater. It has been restored to its original splendor and current performances are enjoyed by everyone."
Publisher: Penrod Studio, Berrien Center, Mich.
Size: Classic
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