Brattleboro, VT: Latchis Theatre

Country: United States of America
State: Vermont
City: Brattleboro
Location: 6 Flat Street / 50 Main Street

Built by S. Wesley Haynes as "Latchis Memorial Building", containing the Latchis Hotel (with ballroom, restaurant and bar) and the Latchis Theatre. Opened Sep 1938. Named after Demetrius P. Latchis, a regional cinema operator. 2003 sold to the Brattleboro Arts Initiative. 2011 damaged by a hurricane, subsequently repaired and reopened 2012. 2013 further restorations. The building now contains the original theatre hall (762 seats) and three smaller halls converted from hotel and retail space. Used as a four screen multiplex cinema.

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Brattleboro, VT: Latchis Theatre Reverse Text: "Latchis Theatre, 1938"
Publisher: Latchis Hotel, 50 Main Street, Brattleboro VT
Type: 2000s(?) postcard reproduction of a 1938 photograph
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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