Boston, MA: Tremont Theatre (old)

Country: United States of America
State: Massachusetts
City: Boston
Location: 88 Tremont Street

Built 1827 by Isaiah Rogers. Opened 24 Sep 1827 as "Tremont Theatre". 1843 purchased by the Free Church Baptists and renamed "Tremont Temple". Subsequently mainly used for religious events. Various damages by fires. Demolished in 1896 in favour of a new "Tremont Temple".

[Another "Tremont Theatre" was opened 1889 at 176 Tremont Street. Demolished in 1983.]

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Boston, MA: Tremont Theatre (old) Front Text: "The Style in 1832. Rufus Choate in the Tremont Theatre Boston", with an advertisement text and a calendar of November 1910
Publisher: Wooley, White & Co. Clothes, Lebanon IN; A. J. Scritsmier
Type: Advertisement Postcard; Undivided Back
Size: Classic
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