Anderson, IN: Warner Auditorium

Country: United States of America
State: Indiana
City: Anderson

Multi-purpose hall, built 1962 for the Church of God International Conventions. Opened 18 June 1962. Also used by Anderson University. Named in honour of D. S. Warner (1842-1895), a founder of the evangelical Church of God movement. Demolished in 2006 due to asbestos and other problems.

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Anderson, IN: Warner Auditorium Reverse Text: "Warner Auditorium. Anderson, Indiana. This auditorium is the center for the Church of God International Convention with a seating capacity of 7,500. The circular dome (268 feet 4 inches in diameter and weighing 3,000,000 lbs.) is the largest thin-shell concrete dome in the world. The dome was poured and then raised into position."
Publisher: Johnson Wholesale Co., Seymour IN; 79591-8
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Size: Classic
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