Wakefield: Theatre Royal and Opera House

Country: England, United Kingdom
Historic County: Yorkshire
City: Wakefield
Location: 12 Drury Lane / Westgate

Built 1894 by Frank Matcham. Opened 15 Oct 1894 as "Wakefield Opera House". Since the 1920s also used as for film screenings, from 1954 exclusively used as a cinema. Later converted into a bingo hall. Reopened 1981 as "Wakefield Theatre Royal and Opera House" and again used as a live theatre.

Links: www.theatreroyalwakefield.co.uk, Theatres Trust, EUTA, CinemaTreasures, Wikipedia

Wakefield: Theatre Royal and Opera House Reverse Text: "Theatre Royal and Opera House, Wakefield"
Publisher: Paul White Photography
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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