Stanford on Soar: Stanford Hall Theatre

Country: England, United Kingdom
Historic County: Nottinghamshire
City: Stanford on Soar (near Loughborough)
Location: Stanford Hall

Palace theatre, built 1938 by Cecil Aubrey Massey for Sir Julian Cahn. Interior design: J. E. Redding and Smith. Auditorium murals and painted curtain by Beatrice MacDermott. Wurlitzer theatre organ (built 1926) transferred from the Nouvelle Théâtre Madelaine, Paris (France), in 1938. 1945 bought by Co-operative Union Ltd., subsequently used as a student training centre ("Co-Operative College"). 2001 bought by the development company "Raynsway". Theatre used for opera, musical, and drama performances and concerts by professional and amateur companies. Home to the "Falcon Players" and "The Festival Players" companies. 352 seats. Closed ca. 2011.

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Stanford on Soar (near Loughborough): Stanford Hall Theatre Front Text: "Co-operative College, Stanford Hall, Nr. Loughborough"
Reverse Text: "College Theatre"
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
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