Shanklin: Shanklin Theatre

Country: England, United Kingdom
Historic County: Hampshire / Isle of Wight
City: Shanklin
Location: Prospect Road

Built 1879 by E. G. Cooper as "The Institue", a literary institute. 1884 addition of a reading room and an amusement room. From 1913, used as town hall. 1925 severely damaged by fire. 1933-1934 rebuilding by Cooper & Corbett. Re-opened 21 Mar 1934 as town hall and theatre.

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Shanklin: Shanklin Theatre Front Text: "Shanklin Theatre"
Reverse Text: "The institute (pictured front right c. 1879) became a theatre on March 21st 1934. Many famous names have appeared there. Residents and visitors alike enjoy an evening out with good live family entertainment."
Publisher: Friends of Shanklin Theatre / W. J. Nigh & Sons Ltd., Shanklin; WJN2739
Size: Modern
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