Preston: Theatre Royal

Country: England, United Kingdom
Historic County: Lancashire
City: Preston
Location: Fishergate

First "Theatre Royal" opened 1802. 1880 rebuilding (2300 seats). 1898-1898 converted into a music hall (1700 seats). From the 1910s, used as a cinema. 1929 alterations. Closed 3 Dec 1955. Subsequently demolished in favour of a new "ABC Cinema" (opened 1959).

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Preston: Theatre Royal Front Text: "Theatre Royal, Preston. Guild 1922. Proprietor W. Leslie Knight.", inscription: "Theatre Royal", on canopy: "Theatre Royal"
Reverse Text: advertising the 1921 movie "Hail The Woman": "Monday, Dec. 4th, 1922. 'Hail the Woman' The Picture the weary Public has been waiting for. A story OF real people FOR real peopla. Theodore Roberts, The Greatest Character Actor, Theatre Royal, Preston."
Publisher: Photo by Arthur Winter, Preston
Size: Classic
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