Newcastle upon Tyne: Tyne Theatre and Opera House

Country: England, United Kingdom
Historic County: Northumberland
City: Newcastle upon Tyne
Location: 105 Westgate Road

Built by William Parnell. Opened 23 Sep 1867 as "Tyne Theatre and Opera House". 1100 seats. 1919 converted into a cinema, reopened as "Stoll Picture House". Closed 1974. Reopened as a theatre in July 1977. 2012-2014 renamed "Mill Volvo Tyne Theatre".

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Newcastle upon Tyne: Tyne Theatre and Opera House Reverse Text: "The New Tyne Theatre & Opera House. Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne. 'The Home of the Musical'. This magnificent theatre, opened in 1867, is now owned by a self-financing Charitable Trust. It is unique in the world, in that its vast complex of Victorian understage machinery has been brought back into perfect working order and use by the Trust's voluntary members. In other respects, the theatre has been compared favourably with La Scala, Milan: for its superb proscenium (pictured overleaf); for its beautiful auditorium; for its near incomporable acoustics (microphohnes are very rarely used); and for its brilliantly-engineered sightlines."
Publisher: New Tyne Theatre Trust; Reed Print & Design
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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Newcastle upon Tyne: Tyne Theatre and Opera House Front Text: "Tyne Theatre & Opera House", "Tyne Theatre Company"
Type: blank reverse
Size: Modern
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