Middlesbrough: Grand Opera House

Country: England, United Kingdom
Historic County: Yorkshire
City: Middlesborough
Location: 202-206 Linthorpe Road / Southfield Road

Built 1903 by Hope & Maxwell, with interior decoration by A. R. Dean. Opened 7 Dec 1903 with Sidney Jones's comic opera "My Lady Molly". Originally 2600 seats (plus standing room for 700). From 1928, used as a cinema. 1930 major interior rebuilding by W. E. Trent and Ernest Tulley, leaving only the exterior. Reopened 30 Mar 1931 as "Gaumont Palace". 1937 renamed "Gaumont". Closed 29 Feb 1964. Subsequently demolished in favour of the office block "Midland House".

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Middlesbrough: Grand Opera House Front Text: "Grand Opera House, Middlesbrough", inscription: "Grand Opera House"
Publisher: Valentine's Series
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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Middlesbrough: Grand Opera House Front Text: "Middlesbrough Opera House, 1913", inscription: "Grand Opera House"
Publisher: Francis Frith Collection, Andover; 66405
Type: late 20th-/early 21st-century reproduction of a 1913 photograph
Size: Modern
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