London: Odeon South Woodford

Country: England, United Kingdom
City: London
Borough: London Borough of Redbridge
Location: Woodford, 58 High Road

Cinema, built by S. B. Pritlove. Opened 5 Nov 1934 as "Majestic Theatre". 1724 seats. Converted into a multiplex by ABC Cinemas, re-opened 1937 (592, 201 and 133 seats). Later various rebuildings. 1986 renamed "Cannon". Later renamed "Odeon".

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London: Odeon South Woodford Front Text: "ABC CINEMA, Woodford", marquee:advertising the 1998 films, "Out of Sight", "Rounders", "Antz", and "Blade"
Publisher: New Era Postcards; 2048
Size: Modern
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