London: Pantheon

Country: England, United Kingdom
City: London
Borough: City of Westminster
Location: 169 Oxford Street

Built 1772 by James Wyatt as an assebmly hall and ballroom. Opened 28 Apr 1772. 1791 converted into an opera house and re-opened as "King's Theatre". Destroyed by fire on 14 Jan 1792. Subsequently rebuilt and re-opened 9 Apr 1795. 1812 alterations, re-opened as "Pantheon Theatre". Closed 1814. 1834 converted into the "Pantheon Bazaar", 1867 converted into office space. Demolished 1937 in favor of a Marks & Spencer store.

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London: Pantheon Reverse Text: "The Pantheon, London. Opened as a place of Assembly 1795. Converted into theatre 1812. The picture shows a masquerade c. 1809. Aqautint coloured by hand. By Bluck after Rowlandson and Pugin, 22.4 x 27.2 cm. H. R. Beard Collection F112-42."
Publisher: Victoria and Albert Museum - Theatre Museum, London; TM 375
Type: late 20th-century reproduction of an 1809 etching
Size: Modern
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