London: Her Majesty's Theatre (old)

Country: England, United Kingdom
City: London
Borough: City of Westminster
Location: Haymarket

Built 1790-1791 by Michael Novosieslki as "King's Theatre", replacing the previous King's Theatre (opened 1705, destroyed by fire in 1790). 1816-1818 new fašade and "Royal Opera Arcade" by John Nash and George Repton. 1837 renamed "Her Majesty's". From 1837-1847 also known as "Italian Opera House". Destroyed by fire in 1867. Subsequently rebuilt within the exterior walls by Charles Lee. Demolished 1897.

[Subsequently, a new Her Majesty's Theatre was built on the site.]

Notable world premieres:

  • Verdi: I Masnadieri (22 July 1847)

London: Her Majesty's Theatre (old) Reverse Text: "Italian Opera House (Her Majesty's Theatre). Designed by Michel Novosielski. Opened 1791 as King's Theatre. Destroyed by fire 1867. Etching coloured by hand. By Albutt after Read. Cut within the plate. 22,7 cm x 29,9 cm. H. R. Beard Collection F94-30"
Publisher: Victoria and Albert Museum - Theatre Museum, London; TM 377
Type: 20th-century reproduction of a 19th-century etching
Size: Modern
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