London: Edmonton Empire

Country: England, United Kingdom
City: London
Borough: London Borough of Enfield
Location: Edmonton, 10 New Road

Built 1908 by Bertie Crewe. Opened 26 Dec 1908 as "Empire Theatre", a music hall. 1300 seats. 1927 redecoration by Theodore Komisarjevsky. Reopened 18 Apr 1927 as a full time cinema. 1933 major rebuilding by Theodore Komisarjevsky. 1842 seats. 1950 renamed "Granada". Closed 13 July 1968. Later converted into a bingo hall. Demolished Feb 1970 for urban redevelopment (which never happened).

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London: Edmonton Empire Front Text: "Edmonton Empire, The Music Hall, 1910"
Publisher: Enfield Libraries; 3
Type: Divided Back; late 20th-century reproduction of a 1910 photograph
Size: Classic
Not sent.

London: Edmonton Empire Front Text: "The Edmonton Empire, London. Marie Lloyd's final week - October, 1922", signed: N. Charlesworth 1991
Reverse Text: "Drawn by Nicholas Charlesworth"
Publisher: The Badger Press, Westbury; Vaudeville Postcards
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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