London: Duke's Theatre

Country: England, United Kingdom
City: London
Local authority district: City of London
Location: Whitefriars, Dorset Gardens, Salisbury Court

Built 1671 by Sir Christopher Wren, on the former grounds of Dorset House (which had been destroyed by the Great Fire). Also known as "Dorset Garden Theatre". Used for performances by "The Duke's Players". After 1682, mostly used for entertainment shows, wrestling shows, and musical competitions. 1689 renamed "Queen's Theatre". 1000 seats. Demolished 1709.

Notable world premieres:

  • Peter Gill: Venice Preserv'd (9 Feb 1682)

Links: Theatres Trust, Wikipedia

London: Duke's Theatre (Dorset Gardens) Reverse Text: "Duke's Theatre, Dorset Gardens, London. Designed by Sir Christopher Wren. Opened 1671 and in use until the early 18th century. Engraving published in Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News. 11 December 1875. TM. 396"
Publisher: Victoria and Albert Museum - Theatre Museum, London
Type: Repro Postcard
Size: Modern
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