London: Deptford Broadway Theatre

Country: England, United Kingdom
City: London
Borough: London Borough of Lewisham
Location: Deptford, 506 New Cross Road

Built 1897 by W. G. R. Sprague. 1911 converted in a cinema, renamed "Century Theatre". Demolished in the 1960s in favour of shops.

[Not to be confused with 1) the Broadway Picture Playhouse (1911-1935) and 2) the still extant "Broadway Theatre" (built 1932) on Catford Broadway in Catford, Lewisham, also known as "Lewisham Theatre".]

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London: Deptford Broadway Theatre Front Text: "'Broadway' Theatre, New Cross, S. E."
Publisher: Perkins & Son's Series, Lewisham; No. C. 680
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from New Cross, London, to Hendon, 1909

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