London: Criterion Theatre

Country: England, United Kingdom
City: London
Borough: City of Westminster
Location: 218-223 Piccadilly / Piccadilly Circus

Built 1874 by Thomas Verity on the former site of the old St James's Market and the Mitre Tavern. Originally planned as a concert hall within a restaurant complex, it was soon decided to build a full-fledge theatre. First theatre in London to be built completely below ground level. Opened 21 Mar 1874. 1878 extension, 1884 rebuilding by Thomas Verity. 1903 renovations. During World War II used for radio broadcasts by the BBC. 1985 severely damaged by a flood. 1992 alterations of backstage area and bars by RHWL. 600 seats.

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London: Criterion Theatre Front Text: "The Criterion, Piccadilly Circus, London"
Publisher: ?; Series No. 44
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: to Stuttgart (Germany) [postmark illegible]

London: Criterion Theatre Reverse Text: "The Criterion Theatre. Built 1874. Architect: Thomas Verity. Entirely underground, the building redesigned and ventilated, 1884; remodelled and redecorated 1902-3"
Publisher: Arts Council of Great Britain; 1974
Size: Modern
Not sent.

London: Criterion Theatre Front Text: "The Criterion Theatre, London", text on canopy: "Criterion Theatre", signed: "N. Charlesworth"
Reverse Text: Drawn by Nicholas Charlesworth
Publisher: The Badger Press, Westbury; Vaudeville Postcards
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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