London: Royal Brunswick Theatre

Country: England, United Kingdom
City: London
Borough: London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Location: Ensign Street / Wellclose Square

Built 1827-1828 by Stedman Whitwell, replacing the "Royalty Theatre" (built 1787). Opened 1828. Collapsed 28 Feb 1828, only three weeks after completion, during a rehearsal. Remains demolished. A row of cast iron bollards with the monogram "RBT" has survived on the pavement edge in Ensign Street.

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London: Royal Brunswick Theatre Front Text: "Front view of the new Brunswick Theatre Wellcose Sq., as it appeared before the Catastrophe"
Reverse Text: ""Brunswick Theatre, Wellclose Square. Designed by Stedman Whitwell. Opened 1828. The theatre collapsed on 28 February 1828, the walls being too weak to support the iron roof. Etching coloured by hand. By Seymour. TM 315"
Publisher: Victoria and Albert Museum, Theatre Museum
Type: late 20th-century reproduction of a c. 1828 etching
Size: Modern
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