Liverpool: Theatre Royal

Country: England, United Kingdom
Historic County: Lancashire
City: Liverpool
Location: Williamson Square

Built 1772 by Sir William Chambers. 1802 rebuilding by Foster. Later used as a cold storage depot. Demolished in 1965 in favour of a new road.

[N. B.: This theatre is not identical with "Theatre Royal" in Breck Road (Anfield), built 1891 as "Theatre Royal Palace of Varieties".]

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Liverpool: Theatre Royal Reverse Text: "Theatre Royal, Liverpool. Aquatint coloured by hand. By James Winston. 18 cm x 23.8 cm. Published 1804 by T. Woodfall. H. R. Beard Collection F47-16. TM 374"
Publisher: Victoria and Albert Museum - Theatre Museum, London
Type: Repro Postcard
Size: Modern
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