Liverpool: The Bluecoat

Country: England, United Kingdom
Historic County: Lancashire
City: Liverpool
Location: School Lane

Built 1716-1725 as a charity school named "Bluecoat Chambers". From 1907 used as an arts school. Damaged in World War II; subsequently rebuilt. Used as "Bluecoat Arts Centre" from the 1980s. 2007 renamed "The Bluecoat". 2005-2008 renovated and extended by a new wing. Used as an art gallery and for readings, concerts and recitals.

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Liverpool: The Bluecoat Reverse Text: "Bluecoat Chambers, School Lane, Liverpool. This Queen Anne building, the oldest in the city centre, was built in 1717 as a charity school. Now it is a thriving centre for the arts on Merseyside."
Publisher: Tourism Development Office, Merseyside County Council; Beric Tempest Colourcard
Size: Modern
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Liverpool: The Bluecoat Front Text: "The Bluecoat Liverpool"
Publisher: Christopher Walster; 2017
Size: Modern
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