Leicester: Haymarket Theatre

Country: England, United Kingdom
Historic County: Leicestershire
City: Leicester
Location: 1 Garrick Walk / Belgrave Gate

Built by the City of Leicester Architect's Department. Opened 1973. 752 seats. Closed 2007. Reopened 2017 by the Haymarket Consortium as as a performance, training and e-sports venue.

Links: www.haytheatre.com, Theatres Trust, Wikipedia

Leicester: Haymarket Theatre Front Text: "Haymarket Theatre, Leicester"
Publisher: E. T. W. Dennis & Sons, Scarborough; L.0661L
Size: Modern
Not sent.

Leicester: Haymarket Theatre Front Text: sign: "Haymarket Theatre"
Reverse Text: "Haymarket Theatre, Leicester. Opened October 1974. Architects: Leiceser City Architects, Building Design Partnership. Managing Lessees: Leicester Theatre Trust Ltd"
Publisher: Arts Council of Great Britain, 1974
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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