Lancaster: Grand Theatre

Country: England, United Kingdom
Historic County: Lancashire
City: Lancaster
Location: St. Leonardgate

Opened June 1782 as "The Theatre". 1849 alterations, reopened as a music hall and museum. Closed 1882. 1884 reopened as "Athenaeum Theatre". 1897 alterations by Frank Matcham. Interior destroyed by a fire in 1908. Rebuilt by Albert Winstanley within the existing walls and reopened as "Grand Theatre". From 1936, used as a cinema. 1951 bought by the Lancaster Footlights Club. Since then, again used for live theatre. 457 seats.

Links:, Theatres Trust, CinemaTreasures, Wikipedia

Lancaster: Grand Theatre Reverse Text: "Grand Theatre, Leicester. Built in 1781 and used as a place of public entertainment ever since."
Publisher: Wright Pictures; X332
Size: Modern
Sent: from Bolton to Peterborough, 2011

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