Glasgow: Britannia Panopticon

Country: Scotland, United Kingdom
Historic County: Lanarkshire
City: Glasgow
Location: 109-121 Trongate / 9 New Wynd

Built 1857 by Gildard & Macfarlane as a warehouse. 1860 opened as "Campbell's Music Salon", later in 1860 renamed "Britannia Hall". 1869 renamed "Britannia Music Hall". 1899 rebuilding, renamed "Panopticon". From 1922 exclusively used as a cinema, first as "Tron Cinema", from 1927 as "Panopticon Pictures". Closed 1938. Ground floor pub converted into an amusement arcade, upper floor theatre closed, converted into a workshop, with the auditorium hidden behind a false ceiling. Re-opened 2003. 2011 exterior renovations. Used for traditional music hall performances.

Links:, EUTA, CinemaTreasures, Theatres Trust, Wikipedia

Glasgow: Britannia Panopticon Publisher: Britannia Panopticon Music Hall Trust, Glasgow
Size: Modern
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