Glasgow: O2 ABC

Country: Scotland, United Kingdom
Historic County: Lanarkshire
City: Glasgow
Location: 326 Sauchiehall Street

Built 1875. Opened as "Diorama". 1888 renamed "Panorama". 1895 rebuilding, renamed "Ice Skating Palace". 1904 converted into a circus, renamed "Hippodrome". 1927 converted into the "Waldorf Dance Palace". 1929 converted into a cinema. Re-opened 13 Nov 1929 as "Regal Cinema". 2359 seats. 1967 renamed "ABC 1", addition of a second cinema building. 1979 renamed "ABC Film Centre". 1985 renamed "Cannon Cinema". 1992 renovated and renamed "MGM". Later renamed "ABC". Closed 29 Oct 1998. 2002 converted into a concert venue and entertainment complex, reopened as "O2 ABC". Damaged by fire on 15 June 2018.

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Glasgow: O2 ABC Front Text: "ABC Cinema, Sauchiehall St, Glasgow"
Publisher: New Era Postcards; 2034
Size: Modern
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