Exeter: Theatre Royal

Country: England, United Kingdom
Historic County: Devon
City: Exeter
Location: Longbrook Street / New North Road

[First theatre on the site built 1787 as Bedford Circus Theatre. Renamed "Theatre Royal" in the 1830s. Destroyed by fire in 1820. Second "Theatre Royal" on the site built 1821. Destroyed by fire on 7 Feb 1885.]

Third "Theatre Royal" on the site, built by Alfred Darbyshire. Opened 7 Oct 1889 with Gilbert & Sullivan's opera "The Yeomen of the Guard". Converted into a cinema in the 1950s. Closed 1962, subsequently demolished in favour of an office block ("Portland House").

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Exeter: Theatre Royal Front Text: "Theatre Royal, Exeter"
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: within Exeter, 1905

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