Epsom: Bourne Hall Library and Social Centre

Country: England, United Kingdom
Historic County: Surrey
City: Epsom and Ewell
Location: Ewell, Spring Street

Library and social centre, built 1967-1970 by A. G. Sheppard Fidler and Associates, on the former site of Bourne Hall (originally Garbrand Hall, a 1770s county house later used as a school). Below ground level, the complex contains a "Main Hall" used for lectures and concerts and an adjacent "Minor Hall".

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Epsom and Ewell: Bourne Hall Library and Social Centre Reverse Text: "Bourne Hall Social Centre, Library and Museum, Ewell, Epsom, Surrey (Owned by the Epsom & Ewell Corporation.)"
Publisher: Charles Skilton & Fry Ltd, London & Edinburgh; OE 25
Size: Modern
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