Edinburgh: Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Country: Scotland, United Kingdom
Historic County: Midlothian
City: Edinburgh
Location: Edinburgh Castle; Esplanade

Annual summer military music festival, held at Edinburgh Castle since 1950. The audience is seated on temporary grandstands (8800 seats).

Links: www.edintattoo.co.uk, Wikipedia

Edinburgh: Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Front Text: "Military Tatoo, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland"
Reverse Text: "Edinburgh's world famous International Festival is held during the last fortnight of August and the first week in September. The Festival includes almost all of the arts but perhaps the most popular item is the spectacular Military Tattoo. The show is held almost every evening on the Castle Esplanade with the floodlit Castle making a romantic background. Troops from many countries take part but the pipes and drums of the Scottish regiments are always the main attraction."
Publisher: John Hinde Ltd.; 2SC 1
Size: Modern
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Edinburgh: Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Reverse Text: "Edinburgh Military Tatoo, on the Castle Esplanade"
Publisher: J. Arthur Dixon Ltd.; PED/22299
Size: Modern
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