Chatham: Chatham Empire Theatre

Country: England, United Kingdom
Historic County: Kent
City: Chatham
Location: 49 High Street

Built by Frank Matcham for Oswald Stoll on the site of the Gaiety Theatre [built 1890, closed 1911]. Opened 18 Mar 1912. Closed in 1960. Demolished in 1962.

Adjacent "Picturehouse" cinema built 1917 by H. H. Dunstall. Opened 19 Feb 1917. 1953 renamed "Empire Cinema". Closed in 1961. Demolished in 1962.

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Chatham: Chatham Empire Theatre Front Text: "The Chatham Empire: Pantomime, 1956", signed: "N. Charlesworth"
Publisher: The Badger Press, Westbury; Vaudeville Postcards
Size: Modern
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