Cardiff: Empire Theatre

Country: Wales, United Kingdom
Historic County: Glamorgan
City: Cardiff
Location: 43-45 Queen Street

[First theatre on the site built 1887 as "Levino's Hall", later renamed "Levino's Museum of Varieties". 1889 reopened as "Empire Palace of Varieties", a music hall operated by Oswald Stoll. That first theatre hall was incorporated as a stage extension in the 1896 construction.
Second theatre built 1896 by Frank Matcham. Opened 4 May 1896. Ca. 1000 seats. Destroyed by fire on 31 Oct 1899.]

Third theatre built 1900, again by Frank Matcham. Opened 30 Sep 1900. 1726 seats. 1915 major rebuilding by William and Thomas Milburn (2820 seats). 1931 converted into a cinema, but still also used as a live theatre. 1954 renamed "Gaumont Cinema". Closed 30 Dec 1961. Demolished in 1962 in favour of a clothing store.

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Cardiff: Empire Theatre Picture: Empire Theatre between 1900 and 1915
Front Text: "Queen Street, Cardiff"
Publisher: Palatine Series; Alumino
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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Cardiff: Empire Theatre

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