Brighton: Regent Cinema

Country: England, United Kingdom
Historic County: Sussex
City: Brighton
Location: 133 Queen's Road / 133 North Street

Cinema. Opened 27 July 1921 by Robert Atkinson for Provincial Cinematograph Theatres Ltd on the site of the historic Unicorn Inn (built 1597, demolished 1920) and other buildings. Interior design by Walpole Champneys. 1923 opening of a ballroom. Severely damaged by a fire on 25 Jan 1929. 1929 bought by Gaumont-British Picture Corporation. Re-opened 1 July 1929. 1953 bought by Odeon Cinemas Ltd. 1962 installation of a wide screen, interior alterations. 1967 conversion of ballroom to a bingo hall. Closed on 14 Apr 1973. Subsequently demolished.

[Later, shops were built on the site.]

Brighton: Regent Cinema Front Text: "Brighton, Regent Theatre", on canopy: "Continuous Performance - 2 till 10.45 - Regent Orchestra - Fool's Paradise - Organ Recitals", on posters: advertising the 1921 movie, "Fool's Paradie"
Reverse Text: "Lost Empires and Picture Palaces - No. 2 Regent, Brighton, Closed 1973"
Publisher: The Nevitsky Collection; Piccadilly Plaza Postcards; A677X
Type: Repro Card (modern reproductin of a 1920s real photo postcard)
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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