Brighton: Hippodrome

Country: England, United Kingdom
Historic County: Sussex
City: Brighton
Location: 52-58 Middle Street

Built 1897 by Lewis Karslake as the "Real Ice Skating Rink". 1901 converted into a theatre by Frank Matcham. Reopened 28 Aug 1901 as "Hippodrome Theatre & Circus". Since 1902 known as "Hippodrome Theatre of Varieties". Closed in 1964. Until 2000 used as a bingo hall. Various plans for a new use of the listed building in the 2010s.

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Brighton: Hippodrome Front Text: "The Hippodrome, Brighton, in 1963", signed: "N. Charlesworth 1995"
Publisher: The Badger Press, Westbury; Vaudeville Postcards
Size: Modern
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