Blackpool: Grand Theatre

Country: England, United Kingdom
Historic County: Lancashire
City: Blackpool
Location: 33 Church Street

Built 1894 by Frank Matcham for the theatre director Thomas Sergenson. Opened 23 Jul 1894 with Shakespeare's "Hamlet". 1910 auditorium extension and alterations. Since the 1920s, used as a premiere theatre by London West End producers. Since the 1930s, used as a cinema during winter seasons. Later used as a bingo house. Demolition plans in 1972. Saved by a citizens' initiative. 1977 interior refurbishment by John Wyckham (while still used as a bingo house). 1980-1998 major restoration, addition of a studio stage. Re-opened as a theatre in March 1981. Currently run by a Trust, used as a theatre for touring productions. 1215 seats

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Blackpool: Grand Theatre Front Text: "Grand Theatre", inscriptions on building: "Grand - Art - Grand Theatre", signs over entrances: "Dress Circle - Grand Theatre - Grand Theatre & Opera - Box Office"
Publisher: Rull, Austin & Co. Ltd., London
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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Blackpool: Grand Theatre Reverse Text: "The Grand Theatre", "Thomas Sergenson asked the architect Frank Matcham to build him 'The best, prettiest and cosiest theatre possible' and in Spring 1894, having cost L20,000 to complete, the Grant Theatre opened with Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'."
Publisher: The Grand Theatre, Blackpool
Type: Souvenir Card, not designed for postal use
Size: Modern
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