Belfast: Grand Opera House

Country: Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Historic County: Antrim
City: Belfast
Location: Great Victoria Street

Built 1895 by Frank Matcham. Opened 23 Dec 1895. 1904-1909 named "Palace of Varieties". Originally used for opera, musical, drama and pantomime performances. Since the 1920s, mainly used as a variety theatre. During World War II, used as a repertory theatre. Later bought by the Rank Organisation. 1950 rebuilding of dress circle, bar, and entrance by Henry Lynch Robinson. 1961 converted into a cinema by J. McB. Neill. 1980 major restoration by Robert McKinstry and Melvyn Brown, funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. 1991 and 1993 damaged by terrorist bombs. Subsequently repaired by Robinson and McIlwaine. Used for opera, musical, and drama performances by touring companies.

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Belfast: Grand Opera House Front Text: "Belfast Theatreland. Grand Opera House, Hippodrome and Ritz", signed: "N.C. '01"
Publisher: The Badger Press, Westbury; Vaudeville Postcards; B44
Size: Modern
Not sent.

Belfast: Grand Opera House Front Text: "Grand Opera House by night, Belfast, N. I.", inscription: "Grand Opera House", posters: advertising "Devil's Disciple", The Skin Game", and "Dandy Dick"
Reverse Text: "Grand Opera House, Belfast: Belfast's famous Opera House, designed by the celebrated theatre architect Frank Matcham (1854-1920), has been restored to its dazzling fomer glory. Its reopening in September 1980 signalled a remarkable revival of night entertainment in the city centre."
Publisher: John Hinde Ltd.; 2NI-129; 5 099563 002083
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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