Sankt Peterburg: Music Hall

Country: Russia (Rossiya)
Federal District: Northwestern Federal District (Severo-Zapadny Federalny Okrug)
Federal Subject: Gorod Federalnovo Znacheniya Sankt Peterburg
City: Sankt Peterburg (Petrograd, Leningrad)
Location: Alexandrovsky park 4 (next to the "Baltiisky Dom")

Built as "Narodny Dom Imperatora Nikolaya II" [National House] by G. Lutsedarsky for Czar Nicholas II. 1929-1938, used by the "Theatre of Musical Comedy". Ca. 1938 converted into a cinema and renamed "Velikan" [Giant]. 1988 converted into a theatre and renamed "Music Hall" (also transcribed as "Musik-Holl"). Used for operetta, musical and variety performances. Home to the "Sankt Petersburg Music Hall" company (founded 1966). 1364 seats.

Sankt Peterburg: Music Hall Front Text: "S. Peterburg - St. Pétersbourg - Narodny Dom Imperatora Nikolaya II - Le Théâtre du peuple, fondé par l'Empereur Nicolas II", inscription on building: "Narodny Dom Imperatora Nikolaya II"
Publisher: M. St., Berlin; No. 2510
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Not sent.

Sankt Peterburg: Music Hall Front Text: "Zritelny sal i narodnaya auditori imeni Ego Vysoch prinza A. P. Oldenburskago pri Narodnom dom Imperatora Nikolaya II"
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
Sent: 1917

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