Perm: Dvorets Kultury imeni Lenina

Country: Russia (Rossiya)
Federal District: Volga Federal District (Privolzhsky Federalny Okrug)
Federal Subject: Permskaya Oblast
City: Perm (Molotov)
Location: Ulitsa Uralskaya 93

Palace of culture named after Lenin, built by Y. A. Kornfeld and T. G. Zaikin. Opened 1963. Operated by the Motovilikha factory. 2005 sold to an evangelical church; since then used as a place of worship.

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Perm: Dvorets Kultury imeni Lenina Front Text: "Perm 300 let"
Reverse Text: "Perm. Dvorets kultury imeni Lenina. Perm. Palace of Culture named after Lenin"
Publisher: EJ Studio Eugene July; 2023
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