Moskva: Kremlevsky Teatr

Country: Russia (Rossiya)
Federal District: Central Federal District (Centralny Federalny Okrug)
Federal Subject: Gorod Federalnovo Znacheniya Moskva
City: Moskva
Location: Kreml

Built 1932-1934 by Ivan Rerberg as a government office building. In 1958, converted into a theatre and renamed "Kremlevsky Teatr" [Kremlin Theatre]. Opened 1958 with the drama, "Bells of the Kremlin". Theatre closed 1961. 1969-1970 major reconstruction by Mikhail Posokhin. Later used as the residence of the Russian president. Demolished 2016.

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Moskva: Kremlevsky Teatr Reverse Text: "Moskva, Kreml, Bid na zdanie Kremlevskovo teatr - Moscow, The Kremlin, Building of the Kremlin Thatre"
Size: Modern
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Moskva: Kremlevsky Teatr Matchbox Label
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Front Text: Kremlevsky Teatr

Moskva: Kremlevsky Teatr Reverse Text: "Moskva, Bid na Kreml' - Moscow, A view of the Kremlin"
Publisher: Pravda, Moskva; 1983
Size: Modern
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