Chelyabinsk: Cirk (new)

Country: Russia (Rossiya)
Federal District: Ural Federal District (Uralsky Federalny Okrug)
Federal Subject: Chelyabinskaya Oblast
City: Chelyabinsk
Location: Ulitsa Kirova 25

Circus building, built 1973-1979. 1814 seats.

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Chelyabinsk: Cirk (new) Front Text: "Chelyabinsk"
Reverse Text: "Chelyabinsk. Zdanie cirka. Chelyabinsk. The circus."
Publisher: Plakat, Moskva; 1988; Zak.1309
Size: Modern
Not sent.

Chelyabinsk: Cirk (new) Reverse Text: "Chelyabinsk. [...] View from the Miass river quay to the modern-day quarters of Chalyabinsk Zarechiye. The Naberezhniy Shopping Complex is at the forefront. Chelyabinsk Circus is in the background (built in 1979). Experience and opinions of the leading circus artists were taken into account in the construction of the building. The audience hall has 1,814 seats, it is divided into 4 sectors of different colors. This solution was offered by famous Yu. V. Nikulin to add more comfort for the visitors."
Publisher: Krokus; 2006; Chelyabinsk No. 13
Type: souvenir card, not designed for postal use
Size: Modern
Not sent.

Chelyabinsk: Cirk (new) Picture: centre: Cirk, very left, below: Kontsertny Zal Rodina
Reverse Text: "Chelyabinsk [...] This district of Chelyabinsk is called 'Zarech'e'. Every year it changes its visage owing to appearance of new growing skyward constructions. The remaining old buidlings of Zarech'e are only redbrick Trinity Church, Rodina Cinema, and unique cirxus pavilion constructed on a proposal of the best Russian circus artists, including Yuri Nikulin. At present, skyscrapers, beautiful modern shops and offices create a new image of the district."
Publisher: Krokus; 2008
Type: souvenir card, not designed for postal use
Size: 21.0 x 10.4 cm
Not sent.

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