Waal: Passionstheater

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Bayern
District: Landkreis Ostallgäu
City: Waal
Location: Theaterstraße

Built 1960-1961. 575 seats. Used for performances of amateur passion plays and other religious plays.

Links: passion-waal.de, Wikipedia: Passions- und Heiligenspiele, Wikidata: building

Waal: Passionstheater Front Text: "Passionsspielort Markt Waal", "Ostallgäu"
Reverse Text: "8939 Markt Waal/Ostallgäu. Passionsspielort"
Publisher: H. Tschernich, Hallstadt-Bamberg
Size: Modern
Sent: to Potsdam, 1976
Waal: Passionstheater

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