Stuttgart: Marmorsaal

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Baden-Württemberg
City: Stuttgart
Location: Weißenburgpark

"Marble Hall", built 1912-1913 by Heinrich Henes for the industrialist Ernst von Sieglin as a ballroom and event venue in the park of his private residence, Villa Weißenburg (demolished in 1964). 1956 purchased by the city of Stuttgart. Major renovation in the 1990s to the original plans. Used for concerts and for private and corporate events.

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Stuttgart: Marmorsaal Front Text: "Marmorsaal im Weißenburgpark Stuttgart", "Matinee im Marmorsaal"
Reverse Text: "Stuttgarter Saloniker. Matinee im Marmorsaal am Weißenburgpark [...]"
Publisher: Pickup
Type: Advertisement Card
Size: Modern
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