Schkopau: Haus der Freundschaft

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Sachsen-Anhalt
District: Saalekreis
City: Schkopau
Location: Bunastraße

House of culture, built 1952-1958 by Hauser and Reinhardt for VEB Chemische Werke Buna. The complex includes a theatre hall (748 seats), a concert hall (250 seats), a restaurant and various smaller rooms. Also known as "X-50" after an internal numbering system by Chemische Werke Buna, as "Kulturhaus" and as "Klubhaus". In the 1990s renamed "Kulturhaus & Theater Schkopau" . Closed 1998 and abandoned.

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Schkopau: Haus der Freundschaft Front Text: "Haus der Freundschaft VEB Chemische Werke Buna, Theatersaal"
Publisher: Werner Wicke, Leipzig; A 258/55
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
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