Potsdam: Hans-Otto-Theater (new)

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Brandenburg
City: Potsdam
Location: Schiffbauergasse

Built 2004-2006 by Gottfried Böhm. Opened 22 Sep 2006. Named after the German actor, Hans Otto (1900-1933). Also known as "Neues Theater" and "Großes Haus".

Links: www.hansottotheater.de, Wikipedia

Potsdam: Hans-Otto-Theater (new) Private Stamp (Die Briefboten, Potsdam, 5 Oct 2006)
Text: "Hans-Otto-Theater in Potsdam"

Potsdam: Hans-Otto-Theater (new) Reverse Text: "Hans Otto Theater Potsdam Germany"
Publisher: renprovo.redbubble.com
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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