Offenbach am Main: Capitol

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Hessen
City: Offenbach am Main
Location: Kaiserstraße 106 / Goethestraße

Built 1912-1916 as "Neue Synagoge" by Fritz Schwarz and Karl Wagner. The synagogue also included a hall for lectures, theatre performances and concerts. Severely damaged by fire during a Nazi pogrom on 9/10 Nov 1938, with only the shell remaining. In Dec 1938 bought by a cinema operator from the Jewish community which was forced to sell the building at a ridiculously low price. Converted into a cinema, re-opened as "National-Theater". On two nights per week, used by the municipal authorities as a venue for touring theatre performances. Also used for Nazi political conventions and Hitlerjugend festivities. After World War II, a return of the large building to religious use was not seeked by the Jewish community which agreed to a cultural use of the complex. Since 1954 used "Stadttheater" (municipal theatre) by the city of Offenbach. Used for touring opera, operetta and drama performances, mainly by the municipal theatre companies of Gießen and Heidelberg. 694 seats. Closed 1989 due to safety reasons and decay. 1994-1995 rebuilt to a musical theatre for Peter Rieger Theater GmbH. 1125 seats. Re-opened as "Capitol" on 28 Apr 1995 with the musical, "Tommy". Closed 2 June 1996. Since 1998, operated by "Entertainment Center Rhein-Main GmbH" as ballroom, show stage, and variety theatre.

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Offenbach am Main: Capitol Reverse Text: "Offenbach am Main, Theater"
Publisher: Bildverlag Peter Nagel, Frankfurt am Main; 4401
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
Sent: from Offenbach to Preetz/Holstein, 1957
Offenbach am Main: Capitol Reverse Text: "Offenbach am Main, Theater an der Goethestraße"
Publisher: Michel & Co., Frankfurt am Main; K416; Nr. 2159
Type: Real Photo
Size: Modern
Not sent.
Offenbach am Main: Capitol Reverse Text: "Theater an der Goethestraße, Offenbach am Main"
Publisher: Wartberg Verlag, Gudensberg
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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