Nürnberg: Stadttheater (old)

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Bayern
City: Nürnberg
Location: Lorenzer Platz

Built 1832-1833 by Leonhard Schmidtner, replacing a former theatre ("Auernheimersches Nationaltheater"). Ca. 1000 seats. Opened 1 Oct 1833 with Eduard von Schenk's drama "Die Krone von Cypern". Used for drama, opera and operetta performances. Closed 10 May 1905 due to the opening of a new Stadttheater (Opernhaus) in September 1905. Again used 1924-1945 as a drama theatre. Destroyed by bombs on 2 Jan 1945.

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Nuernberg: Stadttheater (old) Front Text: "Gruss aus Nürnberg", "Theater", "Leon Gritzinger"
Publisher: Verlag Fritz Schardt, Nürnberg; Künstlerpostkarte No. 22
Type: Undivided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Nürnberg to Schweinfurt, 1898
Nuernberg: Stadttheater (old)

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