Nienburg/Weser: Theater auf dem Hornwerk

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Niedersachsen
District: Landkreis Nienburg/Weser
City: Nienburg/Weser
Location: Mühlentorsweg 2

Built 1989 by Hübotter, Ledeboer, and Fahr for the city of Nienburg. Opened 18 Feb 1989. Used as a guest venue for opera, operetta, musical and drama performances by touring companies, for drama performances in local dialect by amateur companies, for classical and popular concerts, and for congresses and exhibitions. 626 seats.

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Nienburg/Weser: Theater auf dem Hornwerk Front Text: "Theater 'Auf dem Hornwerk', Nienburg/Weser an der Meerbachmündung; Neubau: 18.2.1989 - Architekten: Hübotter, Ledeboer, Fahr"
Publisher: Th. Schäfer Druckerei GmbH, Hannover
Size: Modern
Sent: from Kirchentellinsfurt to Köln, 1995

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