Lüneburg: Stadttheater

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Niedersachsen
District: Landkreis Lüneburg
City: Lüneburg
Location: An den Reeperbahnen 3

Built in the 1950s as "Globe-Kino" cinema. 1961 renamed "Stadttheater", subsequently used as a theatre. Re-opened 8 Oct 1961 with Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night". 1996-1996 major renovations. 542 seats. Used for opera, drama and ballet performances by the resident companies. Also used for symphonic and chamber concerts.

Links: www.theater-lueneburg.de, Wikipedia

Lueneburg: Stadttheater Reverse Text: "Lüneburg, Stadttheater"
Publisher: Cramers Kunstanstalt KG, Dortmund; Lün 519; 62/5
Size: Modern
Sent: from Lüneburg to Bottrop, 1963

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